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Celebrities and Stereotypes




Creating Media

Cyberintimidation (French) and Info sur la cyberintimidation
Cybersécurité (French)
Digizen resources for teachers, parents, kids
Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup

Digital Citizenship and Diigo list on digital citizenship

Digital Tattoo for Parents (2011) slideshare by UBC

Educational Issues

Family Media Management

Global Digital Citizen - Digital Footprints/People Searching, Citing Sources, Cyberbullying, Detecting Plagiarism, Personal Responsibility, Global and Cultural Awareness
HabiloMedias - go to their website for various French resources
Intellectual Property (English/French)resources (4-12)

Internet Safety

Internet Safety - various topics and resources for parents

Jeunesse J'écoute

Mobile and Communicating

NetSafe Utah resources

Safety Brochures - variety of topics from Microsoft

Safety Tips and Advice
Sécurité en ligne (French)

Sex and Violence

Social Networking and Virtual Worlds

Vie privée des jeunes
Your Digital Presence - resources