Cause and Consequence - TC2 Tools for Thought
Copyright information
Cyperproof Resources - various video clips, blogs
Digital Footprints - blog with fantastic video clip
Google Computer Science - high school student, high school teacher
My World: A digital literacy tutorial
NetSmart by 2Learn
Sex. Relationships. The Internet.
STOP Cyberbullying
Text Education - Jane Lynch from Glee - episode TextEd
Text Messaging and Driving - AT&T video and resources
The Seven Digital Deadly Sins. This resource is part of a joint effort with the National Film Board of Canada and theguardian filled with short video clips, stories, interactive polls. Some guest speakers include: Jon Ronson, Bill Bailey, Billy Bragg, Josie Long, Mary Walsh.

SWGfl has 4 units of 5 lessons each for grades 10-12 on Digital Literacy and Citizenship (teachers of these grades should get together to plan which lessons will be used in which grades)