Allies and Aliens or Le centre de recherche
Classzone has a digital literacy unit. A good site for students to use in evaluation is that of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, a well-known but still believed hoax website. Ensure that students know what to look for to determine a site's authenticity and accuracy.
The Copyright Stuff - information
Cyperproof Resources - various video clips, blogs
Cyberbullying "You Can't Take It Back" as well as other stories
Digital Compass - various scenarios
Education Textuelle (French)
Investigate Bullying - TC2 Critical Challenge
Jo Fool or Jo Cool or Les CyberAventures d'Alex
NetSmart from 2Learn
Oversharing: Think Before You Post - Common Sense Media + Flocabulary video
Social Smarts: Privacy, the Internet and You - 12page graphic novel by Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
STOP Cyberbullying
Teen's Public Service Announcement "Promises"
Top Secret
Understanding Youtube and Digital Citizenship - via Google