AT&T Internet Safety Game - Read and answer internet safety questions to help the superhero capture the internet villain.
Agir avec intelligence, assurance et prudence - cahier d’activités
Be Smart, Strong and Safe - 4 lessons with resources, evaluation and feedback info.
Classzone has a digital literacy unit. A good site for students to use in evaluation is that of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, a well-known but still believed hoax website. Ensure that students know what to look for to determine a site's authenticity and accuracy.
Cyperproof Resources - various video clips, blogs
Investigate Bullying - TC2 Critical Challenge
NetSmart from 2Learn
STOP Cyberbullying
The Anti-Social Network - a well written and acted student video which shows various cyberbullying issues via a courtroom drama.
ThinkUKnow - advice
Your Life Online - Making Good Decisions (Ta vie en ligne - prendre de bonnes décisions - click tab for French version)

Have grade five students work on receiving their Digital Passport certificate through these lessons: - web-based games and videos with 5 modules x 45 minutes each.

SWGfl has 5 lessons for grade 5s on Digital Literacy and Citizenship